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01819 80 81 55
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01818 76 38 25 / 01711 94 85 76

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Lata Herbal BD Ltd.

LATA HERBAL being the only one unit in the world to provide people with the unmatched quality and efficiency of HERBAL – Medicines/Food products/Cosmetics which are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions is regarded as the best herbal medicine manufacture in the entire world following the ancient gurukul norms as well as matching the astonishing WHO standards together!

From the ancient period to till date, mankind is getting the usefulness from herbal treeplants. But many peoples are not able to use of the herbal process with these tree-plants. Besides Mankind from whole of the world would come to health detrimental after using of the chemical base produced goos Of which means, it would come skin health detrimental We can say that we are only known of those kinds of tree-plants, which would be able to do naturally useful of the skin and most of the peoples are unknown of it. We have been done of all of our efforts after keeping in memory of the said unknown facts and also keeping the view of properly useful and were started to make market of the mankind welfare base of the following 100% herbal produced goods. Of which are now exporting more or less in each of the country of the world. There is none side effect of our produced goods.


Lata Herbal Cold Hair Massage Oil


Lata Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo