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Face Magic Gold

LATA HERBAL Face Magic Gold is really a wonderful magic for skin. This wonderful magic helps increasing smoothness of skin, glisten to maintain beauty for prolong time removing all kinds of skin problems.

LATA HERBAL Face Magic Gold is such an outcome oflong research of rare natural ingredients that would help beautifying skin.

There would remain no allergy, no pimple shall grow, shall remain no black spot underneath the eyes and the hole created on face due to pimple that being filled up shall turn the skin smooth. Mesta shall be cured completely but it would be rendered reducing. The nutritious natural ingredients needed to beautify the skin have all them completely been provided with after thorough experiment.

Applications: Wettings towel in the mild warm water vapor your face for two minutes. Now opening a packet half of the contents mixing with usual water in a bowl prepare paste after three minutes massage your face and including throat required pat of your body. Wash out after 20 minutes. This can be applied on whole part of the body. Apply 5 Days in a week. One packet could be used for two times.


LATA HERBAL Face Magic Gold is sufficient roughs for complete care of your epidermis (Skin).


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