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Henna Pack

LATA HERBAL HENNA PACK is prepared with the examined mixture of pure powdered henna leaf and refined Amla, Shikakai, Brahmmani & Tea. Everyone knows, mehedi creates an epoch-making revolution for total caring of hair. Except Lata Herbal Henna Pack there is no alternative to take proper care of hair. It is absolutely non-toxic as well as chemical free pack. Both men & women may use this henna pack in all seasons.

Usefulness of LATA HERBAL HENNA PACK :  Hair Falls and gray strands are definitely a problematic phenomenon. More or less every person is familiar with this problem. From that view point, Lata Herbal (BD) Ltd. is successfully marketing 100% Herbal (Chemical Free) LATA HERBAL HENNA PACK. By using LATA HERBAL HENNA PACK : gray strand (White hair) looks appear mehedi color; reduce hair falls; resist top cracking of hair; bottom of the hair becomes strong; hair looks appear silky; smooth, neat & clean; scalp becomes cool. In a word, LATA HERBAL HENNA PACK is very effective for complete hair conditioning.


How to use easy LATA HERBAL HENNA PACK:  For avoiding hair loss/total care of hair :- Prepare a paste with the help of a raw egg & 2 tea spoon sour curd and keep it for half an hour. After then apply it on your every parts of hair &wash it after 1 hour. If you apply it once or twice in a week for 2 months, hair loss shall certainly be stopped.

For Mehedi dyeing of gray (White) hair :- If you want to dye your gray (white) hair as appear mehedi color; you can make a mehedi paste by using tea/coffee liquor & water and keep it for half an hour on your hair. Use it twice a month. For light brown color keep it 3 hours for 3 consecutive days on your hair. At this time (when dyeing) you never use oil. If you desire good result shampoo is prohibited to use within 24 hours.


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